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Our company was established in 1989 as one of the daughter companies of Ittifak Holding, which is one of the most dynamic groups in Turkey that operates in several sectors with many facilities throughout the world. We have been producing turn-key grain milling systems for nearly a quarter century and we offer these systems with the MILLERAL trademark. We manage manufacturing, marketing and after sales service activities successfully in keeping with international norms. With our experienced professional staff, we set up complete wheat , semolina and corn flour mills throughout the world. We have strengthened our corporate structure by focusing on positive values. With its strong capital, problem-solving professional staff, nearly 20-year corporate memory and specific projects dedicated to the future of the sector; our company manufactures not only machines but also technology, quality, confidence and comfort for our customers. With the knowledge and experience we have; we develop new technologies and provide solutions to improve production pace and standardization, minimize production costs, establish effective systems with top-level energy efficiency and meet immediate support necessities. All human beings and the natural environment are as important as corporate shareholders to our company. With this approach, we take care of the environment for the processes of the flour mills that we establish, in addition to the consideration of nature in our own manufacturing process. We use energy sources as economically as possible since we are aware that we will share these sources with coming generations. We continuously investigate energy and system cost savings so that we can provide excellent system effectiveness and engineering to our customers. This combines the quality of the milling diagram, project, manufacturing, installation and system start-up with peak effectiveness. The quality awards that our customers have won prove our success in this regard. With our competitiveness, while conforming to international business ethics, we provide effective systems to many countries in a wide range of geographical regions. We are aware that effective human resource management is needed to manage manufacturing and marketing activities globally. This awareness has gained loyal team-mates to join us that are happy to be members of our team. We act with the consciousness that unconditional customer satisfaction and quality improvement is only possible with the acceptance of strategic management by all employees. Therefore, we form new working trends to open the ways of learning together and to direct our employees to offer ever improving approaches. With the high performance of our sales and marketing team we have been providing high quality Milleral systems all over the world from the Middle East to America, from Africa to the Turkish Republics. We bring value-added benefits to our business partners by focusing on our customer satisfaction principle, right investment in human resources and our knowledge. We continuously work with the aim of carrying on our innovative position in the market.

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Middle East Countries, African, Europian Counties

Chain Conveyor, Impact Detacher, Air Lock, Quadro Plansifter, Pneumatic Cyclone, Vibro Feeder, Intensive Dampener, Screw Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Blower Pump, Trieur, Vibro Discharger, Bran Finisher, Tube Screw Conveyor, Bagging Scale, Purifier, Extraction Scale, Flow Balancer, Flour Milling Systems, Aspiration Channel, Volumetric Measurer, Flour Mill Industry, Flour Packing Systems, Conveying Elements, Pivot Bandsaw Machines, Column Bandsaw Machines, Vibro Grain Separator, Stone Separator, Wheat Impact Scourer, Air Recycling Tarar, Vertical Washing Macihne, Drying Machine, Inclined Intensive Dampener, Dampener, Tubular Magnet, Quadro Plansifter Multiplexa, Purifier Supersense, Roller Mill Millenium, Quadro Plansifter Jumbo, Vibro Flour Finisher, Micro Feeder, Larva Destroyer, Control Plansifter, Revolving Distributor, High Pressure Fan, Blower Air Lock, Rotary Diverter Valve, Dust Filter, Low Pressure Fan, Bandsaw Machines, Miter Bandsaw Machine, Semi Automatic Miter Bandsaw Machine, Semi Automatic Bandsaw Machine, Full Automatic Bandsaw Machine, Full Automatic Miter Bandsaw Machine, Bandsaw Machine With Plc, Column Bandsaw Machine, Hydraulic Column Bandsaw Machine, Semi Automatic Column Bandsaw Machine, Full Automatic Column Hydraulic Bandsaw Machine, Semi Automatic Column Hydraulic Bandsaw Machine, Grain Milling Machine, Grain Hammer Mill, Grain Milling Systems, Grain Milling Spare Parts, Grain Roller Mill Multimilla

Established Date: 1989  Tax Office: Sel├žuk  Tax Number: 4830004841  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Muhammed UZUN